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Spinner rings

Spinner rings, or fidget rings, are a trendy and effective way to alleviate anxiety, stress, and fidgeting. By spinning the ring, you can calm and focus your mind while keeping your hands busy. It's a suitable solution for everyone, including children, women, and men of all ages and can help with autism, ADHD, anxiety, stress, smoking cessation, and joint pain. Plus, they look stunning!

Our spinner rings are made of recycled sterling silver, we hand craft them with care here in the UK and have a turnaround time of 1 week. We offer a wide variety of designs and can customise the ring to fit your finger. If you want to create your own spinner ring, feel free to contact us at We welcome custom orders!

If you're curious about how our spinner rings are made, check out our YouTube channel by clicking on the link. You'll see all the love and dedication we put into creating each ring.