Costume jewellery repairs

Rediscover Your Favorite Jewellery with Expert Repairs

Don't let a broken Vivienne Westwood necklace or any cherished piece of costume jewellery gather dust. We specialise in the meticulous repair of all types of costume jewellery, ensuring you can proudly wear your favourites once more.

We understand the heartbreak of seeing a beloved piece damaged. Whether it holds sentimental value or simply adds that perfect touch to your ensemble, every piece matters. Our mission is to restore not just the physical item but also the joy it brings you.

As an independent business with over 7 years of online presence, we've honed our craft to perfection. Specialising in gemstone, beaded, and stretch bracelets, we tackle repairs with precision and care. From replacing chains to mending clasps, no detail goes unnoticed in our workshop.

Our pricing is transparent and fair: £20 per hour of work, with most bracelet repairs completed within 30 minutes. This means you'll typically pay just £10 for labour, plus the cost of any necessary parts and return postage. Beaded necklaces will take 1 hour to complete with smaller jobs like a simple broken clasp taking only 15 minutes.

Getting your jewellery back to its former glory is simple. Reach out to us at, providing a detailed description of the repair needed along with clear photos. We'll handle the rest, ensuring your treasured pieces are returned to you looking as beautiful as ever.

Rediscover the joy of wearing your favourite jewellery—contact us today!