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“I started my business with no strategy – just £100 and my intuition!”

 Hello lovely customers.

 Although I’m always happy to showcase my beautiful jewellery, I’m not a massive fan of putting myself in the spotlight. But I’ve been trading for seven years now so I thought it was about time I took the plunge! I’ll be blogging more often so you can learn a bit more about me, as well as my passion for beautifully made, sustainable jewellery.

I’m Nikki – I’m wife to Stuart, mum of a beautiful daughter and very sassy Border terrier, and a proud Yorkshire lass. I live in a little village near York and qualified as a nurse in 1997. I started Pink Vintage Jewellery as an online side hustle.

 Falling in love with jewellery

 My love affair with jewellery started in 2004 when I moved to Sydney to work as a nurse. I’d buy basic jewellery-making kits to give me something to do on my days off. After 12 months we were homesick and decided to head home, but my love of jewellery-making came with me. I still find it therapeutic, a great stress reliever, and a helpful way to deal with the pressures of nursing.

When we got married, I made my own bracelet and my bridesmaids’ sets, although they were very basic. It was when I found Etsy in 2017 that jewellery-making became more than just a hobby. Discovering that people were earning money from doing exactly what I’d been doing was a real lightbulb moment. So I started my business with £100 and no strategy or direction, but a strong gut instinct that it was what I should be doing. I made things that I wanted to wear, that reflected my personality and didn’t expect too much.

 The Birth of Pink Vintage Jewellery

 The name Pink Vintage originated from my initial idea to buy vintage jewellery at auction and repurpose it, restringing the pearls and changing the clasps before selling on. But living near York I found it impossible to win anything at auction as there are so many vintage jewellery shops. When the handmade side of the business started to sell and be more successful, I decided to stick with the name as I liked it.

My business model for the first few years was simply to buy more stock when things sold. I didn't need to make money as I was still nursing, but I’ve since realised that another income will give me more flexibility in later life especially when I am too old and knackered to nurse! In the beginning, I saw a gap in the market and started hand-stamping initials onto my bracelets to offer a degree of personalisation. This proved very popular and helped the shop to grow.

When the pandemic came my business really took off. I now have my own website which is growing daily, and I’m incredibly proud to have had almost 8,000 sales and thousands of 5-star reviews so far.

Although I started out making beaded jewellery, I have an interest in all types of jewellery making. I love learning new techniques and enjoy bringing new products to the shop for you lovely people to buy! I post all my new products quite regularly on social media so you can get a sneaky peak before they go on sale.

 Good for our skin, and our environment

I feel strongly that beautiful high-quality jewellery should be accessible to everyone. All too often, budget-friendly high street options are mass-produced and have consequences for our skin and the environment. As a teenager, I remember wearing some crappy plastic stud earrings which matched my George Michael t-shirt but ruined my earlobes. Perhaps that’s why using high-quality, ethically sourced gemstones and materials in all my designs is so important to me! I’ve since learned I’m allergic to base metal and now only wear sterling silver.

Support your local High St

I’m also really passionate about keeping our high streets as interesting and local as possible, so I’m proud that my jewellery is also available to buy at a makers’ gift shop called Boggle Hole in Harrogate and Northallerton. Please do go for a visit and see what other Yorkshire crafters are up to if you are in town.

What I have learnt in my 27-year nursing career is that nurses are a very creative bunch of people. We create little miracles every day with very little time, money and resources. It is this mindset that has allowed me to have my own successful jewellery business creating little pieces of magic for you to all enjoy! So when you need a special, affordable present for a loved one or indeed a treat for yourself, please do think of Pink Vintage Jewellery. Many of my items can be personalised, giving your gift a unique touch, and I’m always happy to discuss any custom designs, so please do contact me!

I’d love to know more about you too, so please do interact with me on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. It can be pretty scary to put yourself out there as a small business owner so I’d love it if you kept me company!  

 Thanks for supporting my small business.

 Nikki x

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